consumer product investment protection group

we are the consumer product strategy, process, and retail insight firm that specializes in verifying processes and schedules to drive the brand growth you need to protect and deliver the return on your investments.

what we do

we create strategies for companies that want to invest in consumer product start ups. we evaluate the start up company’s product design and development to make sure it is legitimate and aligns to assure your return on investment. we create, review, and audit their processes and schedules while doing real-time analysis to assess your risk and make recommendations to adjust as needed.

how we do it

we bring together the best consumer technical, creative, and industry expertise to analyze and develop real-time, workable, and finely tailored solutions for your investment return.

our expertise

design & development

product manufacturing

marketing & sales

why we do it

we are passionate about the impact thoughtful consumer products can have on the world. we bring our expertise to create solutions to see investment returns that help ideas, people and companies thrive.

how we differentiate our expertise

our teams have the best expertise in the global consumer product industry, representing product design & development, manufacturing, marketing, and sales with the most successful consumer manufacturers, retail and ecommerce companies.

we’ve created more than $1 billion in global revenue for the world’s most iconic brands with new innovative technology products and accessories with our 20 years experience in the consumer product industry. we use historical impact data from our consumer product industry experience, supplemented with our broader institutional and market data insights, to provide you with an integrated analysis and full view of risk and performance assessments for the consumer product industry investments.

our mission

we think “beyond the investment” working together to identify and transform any risks into impactful solutions strategies, which will maximize investment outcomes and overall performance long term value for their stakeholder.

dominic sharlette

founder   •   president

a visionary leader, consumer products are part of dominic’s dna, he has been creating disruptive growth for branded manufacturers and retailers for over 20 years. his single-minded focus on achieving real results for clients has led to some of the most important product innovations, manufacturing standards, brand developments and retail market penetration in the consumer industry. prior to ed.it, dominic received his product innovation development, manufacturing, brand management and retail sales training at belkin, targus, samsung, apple, best buy, target and amazon, which ignited his interest in the relationship between product innovation, market and sales penetration. dominic graduated from art center college of design in pasadena, ca.

“we believe that consumer product investments must be sufficiently elastic to succeed in the consumer industry and provide direction to the new generation to evolve and protect investments success.”

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the ed.it group is the ideal management and insight solutions partner as it provides the investors with industry predictive strategies and audits to identify the impact of future changes to ensure the return on your investments, expand new growth, and repeat investments opportunities.

locations in los angeles, new york, and philadelphia.

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